Royal Farms Owings Mills, MD

This project was done in our Tennessee Foothills pattern. With a stain applied post installation by the contractor, This site had extremely poor soils but with the Stone Strong system we were able to provide an engineered solution that maximized the area of the lot. S.E.H. Contracting of Finksburg did the installation.

McHenry Row Baltimore, MD

A high profile project in the downtown inner harbor area of Baltimore near Historic Fort McHenry. This wall was built to support a high end residential community with condos a parking garage and upscale shops. They needed a wall that would be strong enough to handle large surcharge loads and give them decades of durability. They found it in Stone Strong!

 Loyola College Baltimore, MD

 Extension of an athletic field at Loyola College’s Aquatic Center at their Baltimore Co. campus was needed, but space was limited due to utilities and an existing adjacent road, so they erected a Stone Strong wall in front of an existing road. Stone Strong gravity wall block enabled us to provide a solution that was not obtainable with smaller Segmental Retaining Wall units as a geo grid system would have encroached on the utilities and the road would have had to have been removed to place the geo grid ramping up the project’s cost considerably.

Woodstock Road, Howard Co., MD

After a severe flood in 2016 Woodstock Road was undermined by the adjacent stream and storm drain system. Howard Co. decided that Stone Strong would do a few things for them. 1…. Allowing a vertical wall to provide additional space at the base of the wall for future stream to swell. 2… Allow for a wider road due to Stone Strong’s flexibility to enable a guardrail post to be dropped right in the void of the block. 3…Speed of construction. The Stone Strong System allowed for a 40-60 day time savings in regard to overall project timeline!

 Old Pimlico Road Baltimore, MD

Due to mature plantings and other utilities just behind the existing Timber wall the HOA did not want to incur the cost of excavation to install geo grids as well as the removal of a row of trees which a small segmental dry cast retaining wall would require. The existing failing timber wall was in close proximity to the road and a small segmental dry cast block wall is much more susceptible to breakdown in the long term due to road salts accelerating their deterioration compared to wet cast or the very dense Stone Strong block. In the end they went with Stone Strong Block System for the limited excavation needed for a gravity wall vs. Geo Grid and Stone Strong’s incredible durability of a 75 year plus life cycle.

Cabin Branch

 This project encompasses wall heights of over 34 feet high and utilizes a hybrid wall structural engineering approach. Part gravity wall and part geo grid along with a tiered retaining wall design we were able to achieve a solution that met global stability standards and safety factors that other wall systems simply could not achieve. The client Winchester Homes is a premier developer in the Maryland and DC area.


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